GSI Geomatic Solutions, Inc., is a full service professional land surveying company. Shelby J. Hoffman founded GSI, a Texas RPLS with over 27 years of experience. His seasoned leadership guides our team of qualifed professionals to execute their assignments with precision, excellence, and dedication. GSI is always in step with the very latest in technology, hardware and software. We will consistently provide you with timely work that meets every criteria assigned to the project. We have projects on small residential lots to expansive residential subdivisions. GSI gets involved with commercial site planning from the preliminary phases of projects all the way to the as-built phase. We work hand-in-hand with local county planning departments, moving along the permitting processes and ultimately, the final approvals.

Geomatic Solutions services have been involved in nearly every type of surveying project, from basic ALTA/TITLE Surveys to Design and Topography, to Construction As-Built to Oil and Gas to TXDOT Roadway Realignments to Photogrammetric Surveys. Our founder also spent several years as a professional trainer for Leica Geosystems.

Having an in-house engineer allows Geomatic Solutions to handle every aspect of your project from start to finish. Having an in-house surveyor/engineer work hand-in-hand with an engineer offers you a seamless, integrated approach to project management resulting in precise results and efficient completion. GSI is committed to ensuring that all surveys are done precisely, in accordance with Board standards, and on schedule. Our goal is to serve you daily with excellence and earn your trust. Most importantly, we really care about each project and work through it with pride.

Do you need a surveyor qualified to perform work on TXDOT projects? Look no further. Our extensive experience with TXDOT procedures and regulations makes us the first choice when searching for a qualified surveyor. We are TXDOT pre-certified in the following categories:

• 15.2.1 Design and Construction Survey               • 15.1.2 Parcel Plats
• 15.1.4 Right Of Way Maps                                      • 15.1.1 Survey
• 15.1.3 Legal Descriptions

GSI provides professional surveys to many mortgage companies, title companies, banks, developers, builders, individuals, and municipalities serving Tarrant County and Dallas County. We also work in Ellis, Hood, Parker, Johnson, Mclennan, Bosque, Somerville, Falls, Hill counties, and the surrounding area providing the same consistently high quality service.

Shelby Hoffman
[email protected]

Registered Professional Land Surveyor

3000 S. Hulen, suite 124-236 
Fort Worth, Texas 76109
Texas Board of Professional Engineers and Land Surveyors 

Firm Registration License Number:
Florida Professional Surveyor and Mapper,
LS 7520