GSi Provides Land Title Surveys and ALTA Surveys
Land Title Surveys

Real estate Title Surveys are usually required by title companies and/or lenders for property purchases. These documents will depict boundaries, improvements and other specific details on the property. This is very technical document and Geomatic Solutions will take care of it for you. Texas surveys are governed by the rules and regulations of the Texas Board of Professional Surveying. All surveys must meet the minimum requirements of the TBPLS. Per the Texas Society of Professional Land Surveyors, a Land Title Survey is: “a comprehensive investigation and evaluation of significant factors affecting and influencing boundary locations, ownership lines, rights of way and easements within or immediately surrounding a certain lot, parcel or quantity of real estate. This survey locates, determines, or re-establishes on the ground the perimeter, division lines, or boundaries and area of the certain lot, parcel or quantity of real estate. A Land Title Survey differs from a traditional or standard property survey in that the Land Title Survey is for title insuring purposes and therefore must include greater detail not normally gathered in the traditional or standard property survey.” GSI provides this service with excellence.

ALTA Surveys

ALTA Land Surveys are typically more complex than a standard Title survey and are often used for commercial property. What is an ALTA Survey? This is a particular type of survey done to meet the ALTA Title guidelines set by the American Land Title Association and are very specific requirements for preparing a survey. ALTA/ACSM survey requirements call for submission of Table A to the surveyor when you request the survey. The overall scope of the project is defined in Table A. Your lender or attorney should be able to provide you with the information you need to complete this table. GSI is qualified to provide an ALTA Land Survey for you.

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Geomatic Solutions understands that any type of real estate purchase is a decision that has been thoroughly thought through for a considerable period of time. It doesn’t matter if it is a site for a manufacturing plant, office building, retail shopping center, or a private home. It’s a serious investment that deserves very careful consideration.That’s why it is so important that a detailed, precise boundary survey of the property be done prior to closing.Your lending institution and possibly your attorney should be consulted to determine which type of survey is needed for your purchase. If you are in the process of selling property and the buyer has requested a survey, it would be wise to do some research into the available types of boundary surveys to determine which one fits your exact situation. GSI is well-qualified to perform either type of survey for you, professionally and promptly.